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This is a simple site with a simple purpose. On the one-hand, it makes it easier for people to find me. It also helps me organize all my interests and projects so people can also see what I’ve been involved with. One interest that you’ll see fairly quickly here is photography.

I don’t expect to be doing much blogging from this site, however. I run too many online spaces as it is already, and this site is too focused upon other purposes; I just don’t see the need to blog here at this time. Maybe, as time goes by, I’ll have the occasional urge to purge some mumbo-jumbo and this place might be the most logical.

By the way, if you’re looking for a website, you can also see from this site and others found through the links section (coming soon) which give you a good idea of the work I’ve done. There is a contact form at the end of the page/site that you can use to reach me.

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